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When we decided to go to Brazil on our next vacation, we called on our Brazilian friends for their recommended travel agents. After using a couple of their sources, I tested their findings through personal research and was able to find better deals on the web than through them. Disappointed, I started looking for other alternatives and through web search, I noticed Sabrina's website. These words caught my attention and made me call her: "When you call Sabrina Brazil Travel I will answer the phone.. I am available to assist you when others are not".

I could not be happier about my decision to select Sabrina as my personal Brazil travel agent. We have a large family and our traveling plans were ambitious and complicated. They involved arranging the schedules and accommodating the needs of various family members in different continents while at the same time wanting to visit 5 different regions in Brazil (including Fernando de Noronha and Iguassu Falls) and a stop in Buenos Aires in only 16 days. Sabrina was extremely patient and happy to work with me to find the solution to many of the scheduling problems we encountered. I must have changed the schedule over five times and not once did she make me feel like I was being a burden - she was always cheerful and happy to help find want I wanted. Not only that, she went beyond her call of duty; when one of our flights unexpectedly changed the departure time, she was able to find the phone number at my hotel in Brazil and personally called to make sure I was aware of the change.

I very highly recommend anyone reading these testimonials to consider Sabrina's services for your next Brazil trip. I travel a lot and she has definitely been the most pleasant experience I have had with travel agents. Feel free to e-mail me for any questions at"

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