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You can write reams praising Sabrina or just state that she treats you like family member. Always a phone call away (in or out of US) she truly shifts the paradigm and raises the service level bar several notches. Delighted to have come across her.
Sabrina did a great job of arranging and adjusting our airplane and hotel reservations for Brazil and Argentina as we planned and replanned our trip there in November 2011.  She saved us $5,000 just on the plane tickets and got us a good hotel rate (and beautiful front-on beach view) in the pricey but non-touristy Leblon section of Rio.  Her suggestion of lunch up in the hills at the Hotel Santa Teresa was inspired, a highlight of our stay in Rio.  When a hotel recommended by Argentine friends in the Mendoza wine country was not available, Sabrina came up with an even better alternative.  She did a great job for us in all respects!
A few years ago I read an article in Men's Journal about the beaches of Florianopolis in southern Brazil. The place sounded amazing and I longed to go there (Praia Mole is now my favorite beach in the world). When an imperfect storm of things hit me from multiple angles and aspects of life it was the perfect time to go. I generally book things off the net... but this time I had trouble getting good flights or figuring out where to stay. After some research I found Sabrina. The combination of her knowledge of Brazil, follow-up and response time along with her easy-going personality made her a pleasure to work with. She was able to get me a great rate on my flights and provide me with advice on where to stay. I just started a new job and had to move travel plans around to accommodate start dates and training obligations. This knocked out my September travel plans. After looking around...Rio and Buzios (Brazil's St Tropez) came up as a good travel option in November. Once again I reached out to Sabrina and she helped me choose the best hotels for my budget in the areas I wanted to stay, arrange transportation to/from Rio and Buzios and once again came through on the flights. More importantly Sabrina knows Rio and was able to advise where to go, what to do and where to avoid. Anybody these days can click links and google... but in-depth knowledge on places/subjects and relationships on the ground are what make someone like Sabrina indispensable. Feel free to check out my travel blog http://hunterstraveltales.wordpress.com/ for pictures, info, and insights...
My husband and I bought tickets to Brazil but then didn't have the slightest idea how to organize our trip.  We were, fortunately, steered in the direction of Sabrina (by Julia Skylar, who was wonderful to work with, for those who need help securing a visa from the Brazilian consulate in Los Angeles; 818-765-3173).  Sabrina put together a five-legged itinerary for us, cobbling together plane flights, hotels, personal drivers, and tours, making it possible for us to see as much of Brazil as is possible in a 12 day period.  Because Brazil is her native country and she knows it so well, she could make informed suggestions for where we should go.  While this kind of trip does require a lot of travel, it achieved a balance between "down time" in restful resort settings and more active time in cities.  Coincidentally, shared a tour with some lovely people from Chicago who had also used Sabrina to help them!
Thank you Sabrina for organizing such a wonderful trip for the 12 of us. We had a superb time in the Amazon, in Rio and at Iguazu Falls. The hotel recommendation in Rio (Visconti Promenade) was excellent - since it was just a block from the beach and from all the great restaurants and shopping in Ipanema. The flights in and out on TAM were pleasant also, without any hitches.All in all the trip was highly enjoyable and memorable. Thanks again!
Sabrina organized a trip for me to Brazil last January. We spent 5 days in the Amazon near Manaus, and 4 days in Rio. The trip was absolutely fabulous. She knew the best places to stay, eat, shop and walk around- including where the song "Girl from Ipanema" was written to where to go dancing at night in Rio. She took care of every detail of the trip to ensure it went smoothly. The hotel in the Amazon was a lifetime experience you never forget. We saw monkeys, swam with dolphins, and ate piranhas we caught ourselves! One other special part of the trip was that we were in Rio over new years, and Sabrina advised us of the best place to have a special dinner and observe the chaos that ensues on Copacabana Beach! She even told us that everyone wears white, so we did, and fit right in! Sabrina is extremely professional and knowledgeable. She is unlike any travel agent you will encounter. I would recommend her service without any hesitations.