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I wanted to say Thanks for the arrangements you made so I could stay in Rio for two days Oct 18th and 19th. I enjoyed myself and I felt safe. The hotel is a good location for those of us who don’t have to be right on the beach. I also wanted to send compliments about the fellow who picked me up at the Rio airport. My plane had been delayed on the runway in Sao Paulo and I arrived in Rio at approx 2:00 AM! But the fellow was ready and waiting and he was cheery and excited and took care of me until I was all settled and checked in.The tour the next day was good….the guides said everything in Portuguese, Spanish, and English. It rain almost all day, but I didn’t care. It felt so so so cool and good after the heat of my trip to Manaus the previous week. I went up Sugar Loaf and we saw the Cristo statue through the fog, but it was very impressive.I enjoyed walking along the beach the next day, even though I was by myself. It was very relaxing and I wish I could have stayed an extra day.

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