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I would like to thank you for your efforts in arranging my recent Brazilian business trip.

In terms of efficiency, you score at the top of any chart. As with many international frequent travelers, I have grown accustomed to finding my own solutions on the internet. I contacted you partly in annoyance at my inability to bring sense to arranging a Brazilian international and domestic flight itinerary. I was amazed when you came back, almost immediately, with a very workable combination of international and domestic flights.

When I sent you requested adjustments to meet my own changing appointments schedule, your responses were always prompt and to the point. You met my needs as they developed and you anticipated logistical twists that I had not realized existed. I appreciate the value of your experience and expertise.

In terms of costs, my total domestic and international flights, as arranged through Sabrina Brazil Travel, cost me about what I would have paid for the international portion as booked on the internet. To my way of thinking, the domestic portion to and between four cities was free travel. The hotels were very satisfactory and I would return with my family to any of them. They were all within the price range that I had given you and I was pleased to find that, on average, my rates were about 70% of rack rate.

Most importantly, you were always available to give me the personal attention that I needed both by email and phone. Dealing with you has reminded me of the days when international travel favored the traveler and not the airlines; and when passengers were clients and not commodities.

Thank you again for your flawless arrangement of the logistics of my trip. Our company will be returning to Brazil for business reasons and I have already instructed the travel department to first contact Sabrina Brazil Travel. I have also committed to my family to attend the 2014 World Cup in Brazil and Sabrina Brazil Travel will be our prime contact point for this holiday adventure.

Clicou e obrigado

James S
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