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My inbound tour operator companies in Brazil work exclusively with Sabrina for all our clients' travel needs to Brazil, and the reason is simple -- you won't find a travel agent anywhere that even comes close to the level of service and professionalism that Sabrina brings to the table.

Attentive like you wish everyone you deal with would be (it's a rare occurrence that you call Sabrina, even late at night or over the weekend, and don't get her immediately on the first try, live and in person!), excellent at what she does (finding great discounted rate fares with the best possible connection times), and always with her signature personal touch and authentic Brazilian charm (she genuinely cares about securing the best possible trip for her clients, seemingly taking perfection as a personal challenge in everything she does!), it is literally a huge pleasure to work with Sabrina -- just give her one phone call and you'll know what I mean!

Our clients thank us again and again for putting them in touch with Sabrina, and we feel blessed to be able to count on her to take care of all of their travel needs.

Many thanks for all your hard work, Sabrina, and keep up the great work!!


Hans Keeling
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