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My husband and I were planning a one week trip to Brazil over this past Christmas/New Years Eve and I came across Sabrina when running a Google search. I contacted Sabrina first via email because we had several ideas of what we wanted to do in Brazil in this short about of time and wanted a professional opinion on whether or not our ideas were feasible. She returned my email inquiry immediately and we also set a time when we could talk via telephone. We discussed a plan and soon after she emailed a possible itinerary which included airline tickets both to and from the US along with inter-Brazil flights (cheaper than what I had found using search engines on the internet), hotel possibilities, and day trip options. Sabrina was also very willing to find hotel options within a budget that we were comfortable with. Over the course of planning, I had emailed Sabrina many times and she was always very quick to respond and she also called on the phone several times to touch base. We both appreciated the continual contact and willingness to help. Feel free to email me with further questions:

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