Suggested Itineraries - 1-6 Days (short trip)

Visit the main destination: Rio de Janeiro - 3 days

Although it isn't possible to even scratch the surface of Brazil in 3 days, you can become quite intimate with one of its famous cities, Rio de Janeiro. It is Brazil’s most popular destination and has everything to offer from famous cultural landmarks to gorgeous beaches, and a party that never stops! It is home to Bossa Nova music, samba, and a huge New Year’s Eve celebration. Popular tourist sites include the Christ the Redeemer statue atop the Corcovado Mountain and the Sugarloaf Mountain. Ipanema, Copacabana, and Leblon are among Rio’s best beaches.

Discover the Amazon Rainforest and São Paulo  -  6 days

Explore the planet’s most luxuriant rainforest, the Amazon Rainforest, covering 49% of Brazil’s territory and home to more than a third of all the species in the world. This is the perfect trip for the eco-friendly and nature loving travelers. Manaus is the main city and starting point for getting to the Amazon Rainforest. A must-see is the Meeting of the Waters, where the black Rio Negro River meets the light Solimões River, forming the Amazon River. Highlights of the Amazon include hiking in the jungle, swimming with the dolphins, alligator spotting, piranha fishing as well as a visit to the villages to meet the natives. The trip can be customized for the more adventurous travelers, who might want to spend a few nights in the jungle or those who would prefer to stay in comfortable jungle lodges.

Getting to and from the Amazon often requires a stop elsewhere like São Paulo. This is the largest city in Brazil and the business capital of the country. It is home to the São Paulo Stock Exchange, the São Paulo Museum of Art, and Paulista Avenue, the city’s financial center. This urban city is extremely diverse in its people and is the city for wining and dining, nightlife, shopping, museums, and theaters.

Cultural Immersion to Buenos Aires and Iguazu Falls  -  6 nights

Buenos Aires, referred to as the Paris of South America, is the second largest city in South America. Here you will enjoy a taste of Europe and will experience wonderful dining with a vast selection of local wines, an extremely rich nightlife, and traditional Tango dance. Some of the best neighborhoods to visit are La Recoleta, San Telmo, and La Boca which have beautiful buildings, parks, shops, and restaurants. San Telmo is also well known for its old churches, museums, and antique fair. The widest avenue in the world, Avenida 9 de Julio is another popular destination. Sites such as the Casa Rosada, the Obelisk and the Metropolitan Cathedral cannot be missed. A day trip to one of the estancias (Argentine ranches) is also a must! While there, be sure to enjoy the Argentinean asado with chimichurre sauce. Next visit Iguazu Falls, located on the border of Brazil and Argentina. This is one of the most dramatic natural wonders of the world.

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