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Tour to Paraguay – Ciudad Del Este

Tour to Paraguay – Ciudad Del Este
Before the discovery by Columbus, the Paraguayan lands were inhabited by tribes of Tupy-Guarany Indians (whose possible ascendance is assigned to the Caribbean ) and also by Indians from the “Pampas”, of different racial origin. These lands were firstly explored by the Portuguese Aleixo Garcia who strived to find a route connecting the Atlantic and the Andes in 1525.

Twelve years later, the Spaniard Juan de Salazar y Espinoza founded the fort Nuestra Señora Santa Maria de Asunción and henceforth arises the multiracial culture that makes Paraguay an interesting society.

Until our days is the “Guarany” (which is also the national currency) a language spoken by a great part of the population, together with Spanish.
And the Indian beginnings are still present and strong in the handcraft, music and dance, in the gastronomy and customs such as the “terere”, a Paraguayan infusion made with cool water and a type of “mate” herb, thicker than the usual.
Tour to Paraguay – Ciudad Del Este
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