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South Pantanal - Caiman Refuge

South Pantanal - Caiman Refuge

Refugio Ecologico Caiman is the most upscale and acclaimed option in the southern Pantanal. It is located 236 km west of Campo Grande , State Capital of Mate Grosso do Sul.

It comprises 4 different lodges :

CAIMAN LODGE : Ibero - American style building with 11 rooms,private baths , air conditioning , swimming pool , homestyle restaurant , living room , TV and video.

PIUVA LODGE : 1 km away from Caiman lodge . it has 6 rooms with private baths , air conditioning , swimming pool , living room .

BAIAZINHA LODGE : this rustic lodge has 6 rooms with privates bath and terraces , air conditioning , ample living room , homestyle restaurant , swimming pool and an observation tower 9 km from Caiman lodge .

CORDILHEIRA LODGE : it has 6 apartments with private bath and terrace , ample living room, air conditioning , swimming pool and an observation tower 17 km from Caiman lodge.

Program of Activities:

- Trekking around the lodge for observation of animals and vegetation. At night, one can also observe caimans and other nocturnal animals.

- Horse back riding, which is the best way to get into the heart of the Pantanal, getting to places which normally could not be reached by regular means of transportation.

- Rides on specialty adapted vehicles to distant places, where a wider variety of animals and, sometimes, thousands of birds can be observed. On such rides one can notice the peculiarities and contrast of the habitats along the way.

- Motor boat trip on the Aquidauana River - only during the dry season (April through October).

- Row boat rides on the lakes close to Caiman and Baiazinha lodges. Such rides are very peaceful and one can enjoy the sounds of Nature.

Guests are taken on twice daily outings, one early in the moming and a second in the afternoon. A third activity takes place at night after dinner, including a night outing for nocturnal animal observation.

The different seasons as well as weather conditions determine the destinations for each excursion and they are decided locally by our staff. The final schedule is given to guests upon arrival by our guides and managers.

The package includes:

Full board (drinks consumed are charged separately); Horseback, row and/or motorboat excursions, nature observation and photographic safari, hikes and nocturnal animal spotlighting;

Bilingual (English/Portuguese) guides with knowledge of local fauna and flora;

Welcoming orientation lecture and audiovisual presentation.

Land Transfer: Distance from Campo Grande airport to Caiman Ranch - 236 km / 147 miles.

Length of trip - 4 hours average, including a 20 minutes stop.

Regular Departures : TUESDAYS / THURSDAYS / FRIDAYS AND SUNDAYS (transfers are available on other days (except high season) at extra cost)

Time Schedule : Campo Grande airport to Caiman Ranch - must meet our receptive staff at the airport at 11:00 am for 11:30 departure. Estimated time of arrival on the ranch - 15:30h

Caiman Ranch to Campo Grande Airport - depart at 9:00am and 1pm.

CHD up to 03 yeaes old is free in DBL room.

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Region: South Pantanal
Area: Caiman Refuge

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