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Recife de Fora Marine Park

Recife de Fora Marine Park
We will leave for this wonderful schooner ride from Porto Seguro pier, located downtown, at the bank of the Buranhem River.

We will sail for approximately 1 hour until we reach Recife de Fora, a coral platform of 17,5 km2, 15 miles away from the Coast. It is considered as one of the largest Marine Parks in Brazil.

According to researches of Federal University of Bahia, Recife de For a Marine Park houses sixteen of the eighteen types of corals existing in the world and is ranked as number one in term of marine species. In its natural pools, snorkeling is allowed, with shoals of several fish species, which gives us the impression that we are in a giant natural fishbowl.

Spotted sea hares, sea urchins, coral species, such as fire corals and bull’s slobber (extinction risk) can be seen only here.

Take the opportunity and take pictures of this wonder.
Duration: approximately 05 hours
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