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Half Day City Tour - Florianopolis

Half Day City Tour - Florianopolis
Main residential districts-Visit to the Metropolitan Cathedral to see the wood sculpture called “Escape to the Egypt” (a magnificent work of art from the 17th century) - The Governor’s Palace, which houses the Historic Museum. The building dates from the date 1700s and features a splendid interior.

On the upper floor you will see elegant period. furniture, paintings and personal objects of the former owners.
– Monument for the dead in the war Brazil and Paraguay – The traditional and centenary old fig tree in the XV de Novembro Square –There will visit the Municipal Market, now a fish market, where all trades between villagers and travelers took place during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Next to the market there is the CUSTOMS HOUSE, now is a local handcraft gallery.

Ascent to the top of Morro da Cruz for a panoramic view of the city- Drive around the south bay – Return to Morro da Cruz – Federal University Campus – Residential Palace in Agronomica – North Shore Avenue – Hercilio Luz bridge, inaugurated on May 13th,1926.
Duaration: 03 hours
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