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Full day Tour - Valley of Itajai and Blumenau

Full day Tour - Valley of Itajai and Blumenau
Exit from Florianópolis, our motorcoach winds along the scenic Green Valley along the Itajai-Acu river on the way to Blumenau. Due to the influence of the early German settlers such as Fritz Muller and Dr. Hermann Bruno Otto Blumenau, Blumenau is now a small piece of Germany in the middle of Brazil. In fact, - visit: Museum of The Colonial Family - Blumenau is home to the largest Oktoberfest outside of Germany. In Blumenau visit the Museum of Fritz Muller, the pharmacist and naturalist who studied the fauna and flora of the area while he kept close correspondence with Charles Darwin. The museum is housed in what used to be his residence and where his private collection of local species is kept and preserved to date.
Enjoy lunch in a restaurant overlooking the river and its historical steamboats. After lunch, drive through Blumenau and see the Biergarten where Oktoberfest is held as well as the Mausoleum Dr. Blumenau before stopping to visit the Glass Park, or Crystal Museum. Then proceed to the downtown area for shopping, browsing, and sightseeing through the city’s commercial streets where most of the typical shops are located within a short walk from City Hall, built in typical Bavarian architecture, and the Saint Apostle Church, built in 1963.
Duration: 8 hours
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