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Fluvial Cabrália

Fluvial Cabrália
This trip starts in the neighbor city of Santa Cruz Cabrália, which is located 22 km far from Porto Seguro, leaving from the city pier.

We will do what the native people call “go up the river”, sailing aboard a schooner, trough Joao de Tiba river. The visitor may, in this trip, enjoy moment’s so rare pleasure, contemplating the beauties of the place, specially the mangrove ecosystem. We will stop a bit where we all can see how the “cribs are picked up”.

The next stop will be a restaurant with live music and a buffet with several dishes, where, in addition to homemade food, you can culinary from Bahia.

The trip ends at Paraiso Island, where we can taste the delicious sweets prepared with fruit of the region and, then, we will return to the hotel.
Duartion: 07 hours
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