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Eco Tour - Trindade 6h

Eco Tour - Trindade 6h
The "Trindade" minibus tour takes you to the charming little fishing village. On the trip it visits four beaches and a natural swimming pool - "Caixa d'Aço". Firstly we travel to the beach near the village "Ranchos" and take a guided trek before arriving at the swimming pool. This trip takes forty minutes and on it we pass through beautiful natural mountain florests and glades.
At Caixa d'Aço you can snorkel and swim in the crystal clear water if you wish. After this we travel to the main village of Trindade where we eat lunch (not included in the price).

The duration of this tour in total is six hours, each location is mentioned in the "Lonely Planet" Guide To Brazil.

Included in the price are diving masks and insect repellent.
Duration: 6 Hours

Departure: 11:00am
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