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When it comes to sounds, rythms and dance, no other carnival compares to Recife. Rio de Janeiro is worldly famous for the Samba Schools; in Salvador, the Axé and similar rythms predominate; in Recife, you can watch performances of several rythms, each with its own peculiarities: frevo, maracatu, caboclinho, ciranda, coco, samba, rock, reggae, manguebeat.

There are more than 100 artists in live performances on the streets; there´s a beautiful and magic spectacle in every place of the town. The city government supports shows (diverting traffic, advertising, hiring some groups), but the core of the party is made by the populars; they define which songs to play, which way to take. This cultural diversity attracts people from everywhere. Tradition rhytms join together with the new and contemporany. Popular and sofistication are united.

Every year, Recife´s Carnival on street bring millions of people, tourists from other Brazilian cities and foreign countries. Everybody comes to have fun. Carnival takes place across the whole town, even in the distant neighborhoods and quarters; people in Recife doesn´t need much to create their own carnival parties.
Carnival in Recife
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