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The Araguaia River, with its length of 2,115km produces the most paradisiacal complex of fluvial beaches in the world. Sailing through the Araguaia river waters ia an unforgettable experience.

The wonders of fauna and flora, the river banks and sand bars, the sunrise and sunset will always be remembered by those who had the chance to experience them. And there is more! The Araguaia Valley is very famous for the quantity of fishes in its rivers: Pirarara, Pirarucu (the largest fresh water fish in the world), Filhote, Matrinchã, and Tucunaré (Rainbow Bass) are just some of the species that most attract the sport fishing practicioners.

Another important attraction is the Bananal Island, the world´s largest fluvial island. Within its borders was created the Araguaia National Park, where some Indian tribeslike Txucarramãe, Tapirapé, and Carajás are still settled. The Roncador Mountain Range provides the beauty and mysticism that attracts ufologists, researchers and adventurers from all over the world.
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