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Amazon Clipper - The boat*

Amazon Clipper - The boat*
We offer regular guaranteed departures (no minimum of pax required) with tours departing on Mondays (3 days/2 nights), Wednesdays (4 days/3 nights) and the full cruise from Mondays to Saturdays (6 days/5 nights).
All tours depart and arrive at the Pier of the Hotel Tropical in Manaus.
We will explore the "igarapes" (river creeks) and "igapos" (flooded forests) by powered canoes, visit the natives and see their way of life, hike in the forest, as well as fishing, bird watching and swimming in the river. Lectures on the Amazon round up our program.

Boat Style.: Regional Riverboat

Length.: 20 Meters (66 Feet)

Beam.: 05 Meters (17 Feet)

Draft.: 1,2 Meters (04 Feet)

Speed.: 10 Knots

Capacity.: 16 Passengers

Description.: 08 double air conditioned cabins with bunk berths and private toilet facilities. Covered saloon with dinning area, bar and library. Panoramic sundeck with 360 panoramic view.
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Region: Amazon Clipper
Area: The boat*

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