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Amazon - Ambassador Floating Hotel

Amazon - Ambassador Floating Hotel

The Amazon Ambassador Hotel is a luxurious, sophisticated and comfortable floating hotel, which can be navigated throughout the Amazon Basin.

All spaces at the Amazon Ambassador were projected according to the Amazon culture, providing the guests with comfort and sophistication through a harmonic decoration: an acclimatized restaurant with a balcony option, provides dinner overlooking the rain forest and the river, the bar calls the client to savor national and imported drinks, bringing a bold but mystic decoration of the indigenous culture, with masks from various Indian rituals; fitness center, wet sauna, pool, reading room, TV room, stones shops, sweets and handcraft work.

All rooms (33 Superior, 2 Luxury and 2 Master) are luxuriously and beautifully decorated, providing the guests with everything necessary for their comfort and wellbeing: air conditioning, safe, super king size beds, electric shower, walk-in closets and TV.

Internal communication is made trough intercom equipments installed in every apartment. External communication is made through mobile phones.

Our structure is composed of three groups of generators of 75 kva of energy each and has the option of connecting to the energy network of the locality where the hotel is anchored.

All the water consumed at the hotel is biologically treated and, after being used the water is once again purified in order to be thrown back into the river.

The project of the Amazon Ambassador is totally directed towards the integration of tourism and nature, without causing damages to the latter, therefore our water treatment system is last generation and all the water used at the hotel is treated and only goes back into the river after undergoing a rigorous biological treatment as well as purification.

The hotel has a heliport for urgent necessities and quick transfer of guests.


Transfers (25 min by car and Boat)

- Regular Transfer Manaus/Lodge at 2:00 pm (pick up at hotel or arpt in Manaus)

- Regular transfer from Lodge to Manaus at 11:00am. (drop off at hotel or arpt in Manaus)

Any other transfer may be arange without any extra charge with previous notification.

All the services are offered according to the above descriptions. Any change needs to be requested previously;

* Any additional service needs to be previously requested and approved;

* All the tours offered can be changed according to the guide tour;

* Children under or equal 5 years old are complimentary, between 5-10 years old pay 50% off;

* Packages include: Transfers in and out, accommodations, excursions, meals, and bilingual guides.

* Drinks are not included

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Region: Amazon
Area: Ambassador Floating Hotel

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