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All Day Tour to the Canoa Quebrada’s Beach

All Day Tour to the Canoa Quebrada’s Beach

Located in the city of Aracati (Aracati means the wind that blows in from the sea) this is the Cearense beach which fame has crossed over seas and oceans.

A paradise-like place for sure, which has, through decades, atracted and charmed tourists coming from all over the world, the breathtaking beauty of its sans dunes, rugged cliffs and lagoons, the untold number of all kinds of fish and sea-food, and above all for keeping its primitive atmosphere, with lace-makers and artisans spread out through its narrow alleys.

Canoa Quebrada is nature’s own show, that thrills and inspires not only artists, poets and song writers into writing songs and poems, but it also touches anybody who is sensitive to whatever is beautiful. 

Duration: 08 hours
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