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Sabrina Brazil Travel is a travel agency owned and operated by Sabrina Bohcali, who provides personalized travel assistance and customizes arrangements for any traveler’s needs. Sabrina has been in this business since 1994 and has been successfully operating her agency since early 2005.

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Brazil is the largest country in South America with a population around 190 million. Its two major cities are São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, which are among the largest cities in the world. Brazil is best known for its beaches, but is also very famous for the Amazon, which spans northern Brazil as well as Iguazu Falls, which are waterfalls that lie on the Argentina-Brazil border. Salvador is culturally very rich and also offers beautiful beaches such as Praia do Forte, located two hours north by car..

Brazil is a year-round destination. Seasons in Brazil are the reverse of the northern hemisphere (winters in the US are summers in Brazil). Summers in Brazil are the rainy season and winters are the non-rainy season.

Only the southern region of Brazil experiences any major seasonal changes and can have cool weather. It is best to visit southern Brazil (Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Florianopolis) between September and March. Summer vacation begins in mid-December and lasts until February, during which time the beaches are packed and this can also be the rainiest time of the year in Rio.

If you are visiting Brazil’s northern region, the temperature will not vary much. In general, high season months include December, January, June, July and the beginning of August.

Carnival is the annual five-day festival in Brazil held 40 days before Easter. In 2011, Carnival will take place between March 4th through March 9th.

As a general rule, Brazil requests visas. If you are a US citizen, Brazil requires a visa regardless of the purpose of your visit. Citizens of certain countries are exempt from applying for a visa for tourism purposes. Along with your visa, you will need to bring your passport, which should be valid for at least six months after your travel date.

You can apply for a visa through the Brazilian Consulate that has jurisdiction over the state in which you live. Please click here to find the appropriate Brazilian consulate based on the state of your residence. If you would prefer to have us take care of this for you, please contact me directly at 888-456-2224 or

The currency is the Brazilian Real. For the current exchange rate, please click here.

Major credit cards including MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover are generally accepted (although Amex and Discover are less common in smaller towns). Typically the best exchange rates can be obtained through ATM machines (which require a pin number)and are widely available throughout the cities. Be sure to notify your bank that you will be travelling to Brazil so that your credit and debit card transactions are authorized.

Traveler’s checks are not a very good idea in Brazil. Not all banks cash them and many shops won’t accept them.

Shots are not required; some vaccinations are recommended. For more information, please visit the health information page on the Center for Disease Control here or contact your physician.

You have the option of taking a taxi, bus, or private car. Please click here for a quote on a private transfer.

Yes. Not taking unnecessary risks and simply using common sense are the best ways to prevent a dangerous situation. Avoid carrying big bags, wearing nice jewelry or expensive items.

The jobs for which tipping in Brazil is expected are similar to the United States and include waiters, bartenders, tour guides, and hotel bellmen. Taxi drivers are not usually tipped, but it is standard to round up to the next Real. The standard tip for waiters in restaurants is 10% and is sometimes included in the bill. Note that sales tax is included in the menu prices and is not added to the final bill.

If traveling to Argentina, US citizens must pay a reciprocity fee in advance online (no visa required). Reciprocity fees must also be paid if traveling to: Chile, Paraguay, and Bolivia. Please refer to the individual country consulate website for additional information or contact me.